The holiday season is the time for most people to travel. Whether you are visiting family or just flying south for the winter, there are certain steps that need to be taken before you leave your home in the cold! Damaged caused by cold weather can be very expensive. Here are some tips to help your home while you leave:

1. Keep your pipes from freezing by turning off water supply

  • Turn off the water supply and drain the existing water when you leave
  • consider pouring antifreeze into the pipes and toilet bowl for extra protection
  • to confirm that all water is out, you may have a plumber blow compressed air into the pipes

2. Keep your home warm if your water supply stays on

  • Set the temperature to 55 degrees
  • open bedroom and cabinet doors to promote air flow
  • shut off water supply to appliances to prevent any extra damages while you are gone

3. Have your heating system inspected and maintenance preformed before you leave

  • Maintain the necessary electrical power to keep your home warm
  • Have your roof inspected and gutters cleaned to prepare for ice