From painting, to broken plumbing, holes in the wall, foundation in disrepair… home improvements can be overwhelming. A homeowner can find themselves stressed and in a mess as the repairs just keep piling up! As in life, you should tackle the issues one step at a time. But where should you start? 

Let’s first break the to-do list into two separate categories: cosmetic and functional.

The cosmetics should be put towards the bottom of the list automatically. These items may make you happy to have done, but it will not hurt anything to leave them sitting unfinished. We will come back to the cosmetic issues once we finish with the more functional items. 

When looking at our other long list of repairs on the functional side, we need to break it down even further in order to prioritize. First, you should start with your absolute needs. This would include any heating or cooling systems, plumbing, or appliances. Living without these items would be a huge burden. 

Next, go ahead and fix anything that may cause long term damage to your house. In this category, be sure to include any roof repairs/replacements, foundation issues, termites, or leaks. Your property is your investment. You want it to last as long as possible, but when the time comes to sell the house, you want to get more than what you originally paid for it. 

For the rest of the repairs, look at your budget and the time that you have. You will want to start with the least expensive of the improvements. This way, you can knock out items from your list quickly. It is also worth noting that some improvements may be worth more than other. Our social media pages frequently mentions the return that some improvements have over others. 

Lastly, for the more cosmetic items, be sure to take your own happiness into account. Which items hold more weight with you? Will it make you happier to paint the kitchen cabinets or to hang the shelves that you have had in the garage for months? All of these factors put together make it simple to put them in an effective order. Your to-do list will soon become your done list!